Recipe Clock

40 mins

Recipe Serves Plates

1 serving

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Made with:

NutriSoy Original No Sugar Added High Calcium Fresh Soya Milk 1L and 475ML


  1. 2 cups NutriSoy Fresh Soya Milk No Sugar Added
  2. 2 tbsp Ponzu Sauce
  3. 30gr Hairy Crab
  4. 1 Shiso Leaf, sliced
  5. Freshly Grated Wasabi, as needed


  1. Heat the soy milk in a pot up to roughly 80℃ and hold it around that temperature
  2. Every minute or so a skin will form and you simply skin it off. 
  3. Repeat a few more times until you get the desired amount.

You can have it on it’s own with soy sauce or you can make it fancy with some ponzu, kegani(hairy crab) with shiso mixed in and freshly grated wasabi.