Soya Bean Waffle

Soya Bean Waffle

Your journey to good health doesn’t have to be full of restrictions! Satisfy your sweet tooth with some fluffy soya bean waffles, perfect with your favourite toppings.
Recipe Clock

30 mins

Recipe Serves Plates

Serves 2

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Made with:

NutriSoy Original Fresh Soya Milk


  1. 200g Flour
  2. 15g Baking powder
  3. 2g Salt
  4. 280ml Soya milk
  5. 4 nos Egg white
  6. 4 nos Egg yolk
  7. 30g Unsalted butter
  8. 190g Olive oil
  9. 30g Sugar


  1. Beat the egg white and sugar until they foam and form soft peaks (“stiff”)
  2. Beat the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl
  3. Combine all ingredients (1+2) and mix thoroughly until everything is moist
  4. Pour the batter into waffle maker and bake about 6-7 minutes
  5. Garnish waffle with fruits and ice cream
  1. Ice cream
  2. Kiwifruit
  3. Banana
  4. Blueberry
  5. Strawberry
  6. Chocolate sauce
  7. Pistachio nuts
  8. Whipping cream