The NutriSoy Story

Hidden inside every soya bean is a little world of wonder. This is what inspires us at F&N NutriSoy to constantly discover and share its delightful nutritious goodness with everyone.

Nutrisoy Story - 1996

NutriSoy was first launched as F&N Seasons Fresh Soya Milk over 20 years ago, bringing soya milk goodness to Singaporeans.

That same soya milk goodness was given a new name – F&N NutriSoy. As the No. 1 brand in its category, it has achieved several innovation firsts – the first to introduce functional soya milk, and the first to launch a high calcium variant.

F&N NutriSoy Barley was launched, a nutritious blend of soya milk goodness and a refreshing Asian beverage.

NutriSoy got a whole lot healthier and tastier with the introduction of two new flavours – F&N NutriSoy with Organic Brown Rice and F&N NutriSoy Jasmine Green Tea.

NutriSoy is enriched with Omega-3, a hearty addition to a value-added functional soya milk drink.

The next three years were marked with a slew of exciting variant launches, starting with F&N NutriSoy with Red Bean.

NutriSoy went big on flavour with the introduction of F&N NutriSoy with Black Sesame.

NutriSoy delighted more taste buds with the launch of F&N NutriSoy with Real Almonds.

Nutrisoy Story - 2013

NutriSoy’s current pack look was first introduced in this year. It underwent a design refresh that injected a new modern look across the brand’s entire fresh soya milk range.

Nutrisoy Story - 2014

Enjoying NutriSoy in more ways than one – new pack formats were introduced in the form of F&N NutriSoy UHT and F&N NutriSoy Can. 

Nutrisoy Story - 2018

Nutrisoy debuts its latest beverage F&N Nutrisoy Walnut, exciting many with its bold flavor made with real walnuts.