Get cosy with a cup
of warm fresh soya

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Simple ways to enjoy warm fresh soya milk

The next time you’re getting a cup of chilled NUTRISOY Fresh Soya Milk, pop it in the microwave with a microwave-safe plastic wrap over the cup. Set to either low or medium heat and microwave it in 15 seconds intervals. Be sure to stir it in between each interval until the desired temperature is reached. Alternatively, you may use a saucepan or an electric warmer to heat up your soya milk.

10 nutritional benefits of NUTRISOY Fresh Soya Milk

  1. High in plant protein and is the only vegetable source containing all essential amino acids
  2. Made from whole soya beans, NUTRISOY range of soya milk is cholesterol and lactose free. The soya protein and isoflavones found in soya milk are well-known for their ability to help lower total cholesterol and LDLs.
  3. High in calcium
  4. High in vitamin D
  5. Low in saturated fat
  6. Low in GI
  7. No added preservatives
  8. Vegan-friendly
  9. Certified as a healthier choice by the Health Promotion Board
  10. The only fresh soya milk with Omega 3 fatty acids